Dr. Stephanie’s Top Three Supplements for better sleep

Sleep is integral for our overall health. When we do not sleep restfully we are not optimally functioning throughout our days. Getting to the root cause of why you are not sleeping well is addressing and diving into many different factors. Assessing your sleep patterns and asking yourself questions such as: are you having difficulty falling asleep or are you constantly waking throughout the night, do you wake feeling refreshed? Understanding and working with a health practitioner like a Naturopathic Doctor can help you navigate the many factors that go into having a great nights sleep. Until then here are my top three favourite go to sleep supplements:

Melatonin helps to regulate the natural cycle of sleeping and waking. Melatonin is a hormone that is made in your brain, more specifically your pineal gland. Typically the pineal gland is activated and melatonin is released when there is a decrease in natural light. During the day with natural light there is a smaller amount of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin has supportive research demonstrating the benefit of using it for individuals who do shift work, helping with jet lag and circadian rhythm disorders.

L-theanine is a great supplement and can be found in the leaves of tea. It has been shown to boost levels of GABA, serotonin and dopamine in the brain and these neurotransmitters can help calm and promote sleep. Research has also shown that L-theanine increases your ‘alpha brain waves’ which helps with relaxation and focus. L-theanine helps to improve relaxation and therefore has been shown to help improve the quality of sleep.

Magnesium is a mineral that plays such an important role in the body for many essential processes. Individuals with lower magnesium levels tend to have more restless sleeps and wake frequently during the night. It helps to maintain GABA levels as well as our stress response that are known for regulating sleep.

Supplements can only take us so far. We need to be mindful that creating a great bedtime routine, having a safe and happy sleeping space as well as practicing proper sleep hygiene are the most important factors in getting a good nights sleep. As well not forgetting to address any underlying health issues will be important to improving your sleep.

(Disclaimer: before self-prescribing any supplements make sure to discuss with your Naturopathic Doctor)


Always check with your Naturopathic Doctor before making any major dietary or supplementation changes to make sure they are the safest and most effective choices for you.

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