Our Apothecary is a collection of carefully curated natural health and skin care products as well as over 100 jars of organic loose leaf herbs. These herbs are available on their own, as a custom blend by one of our Naturopathic Doctors, or our in-house line “Dr. Lauren’s Teas”. We believe in guiding you to optimal health and as needed, only using high-quality, well-formulated products.

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A Note From Dr. Lauren…

I created this line of medicinal herbal teas because I love recommending tea for my patients in my practice. Beyond its affordability and medicinal value, Tea can promote self-care through ritual. There is something about making the time to steep a pot of tea (knowing that it will be doing some good for you), and enjoying its comforting warmth.

Teaching my patients how to love, respect, and care for themselves is imperative in any healing journey and sometimes it starts with a cup of tea!


At The Root we offer a variety of high-quality products to choose from in-clinic
as well as through our online dispensary “Fullscript”

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“What I appreciate most is that she has a way of explaining and simplifying things so that you never feel overwhelmed and can be an active participant in your own health and well-being.