Treating Your Scar Tissue

How a scar forms & why it matters:
Our tissues are organized into independent layers:
Peritoneum (sac, holds organs)

After an incision has been made, these layers can stick together as they heal and no longer slide over each other due to adhesions, which bind tissues together that are not normally connected. Adhesions develop internally, under the scar, pulling the skin and affecting the musculature around the scar. Scar tissue has a different quality and make-up, lacking stretchiness. Scars contract as they grow and mature. Which can lead to pain and decreased mobility of tissues/organs/bones. Adhesions can also create organ and system dysfunction.

It’s important to treat your cesarean / hysterectomy scar!

It does not matter how new or old a scar is, at some point it can cause pain and/or dysfunction. The relationship between adhesions and fascia can cause all kinds of problems in the body; from female health problems to chronic pain. The most common issue women experience is pain in the low back and pelvis.

Scar tissue adheres to all tissues directly in front of the sacrum, inhibiting free movement when bending, twisting and walking. This decrease in mobility can lead to low back pain. Adhesions on organs of the pelvis can generate pain. Organs are sensitive and pain develops when their mobility is limited. The uterus is no different and if scar tissue inhibits this motion, pain will be experienced including with intercourse.

It is important to mobilize/remodel scar tissue, to make the tissue more elastic and glide with your body’s movement. Mobilization should begin 6-8 weeks post surgery, but can be helpful even years after incision was made.

How massage and K-Tape can help:

Goals in scar massage: keep connective tissue pliable and flexible, reduce discolouration / itching, reduce scar tissue normal skin level.

Goals of K-Taping: to lift up skin, releasing adhered layers of tissue and mobilizing connective tissue. Helping the healing process by preventing abnormal scar tissue and suppress scarring.

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