Women’s Health

At The Root Natural Health Clinic we help people of all ages, genders & health concerns but we also each have special skills & expertise in Women’s Health that we would like to share with you.

I am always amazed & grateful to be able to support a woman through Pre-conception & Fertility Care, a healthy Pregnancy, sometimes even the Birth of their child, & the Postpartum Journey.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming & anxious time for a Mama & we are here to help you navigate it safely. To provide additional support to your Primary Care (OB-GYN or Midwife) including nutrition & supplementation based on your babe’s developmental phase, lab work to monitor things like iron status, & easing common concerns such as nausea, headaches, digestive complaints, infections, insomnia, leg cramps, itchiness, & more.

As an experienced Birth Doula (and Mama!), I counsel my patients in the third trimester about how to safely prepare the body for a safe & effective labour, how to encourage labour to start at term, how to move through labour & delivery with a sense of calm & confidence, & how to heal on all levels during your Postpartum Journey. The latter is so incredibly important & so often forgotten or minimized. Please join me in my office, bring your babe, you may nurse comfortably if needed while we chat, & I will make you tea & listen. I will provide you with the space, & recommendations to heal without feeling rushed. Did you know that most women need even more support & care during this time than in pregnancy?

Let us be there for you.

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