Nutrition & Weight-loss

I started my career in health care as a personal trainer. Even then I focused the most on nutrition with all of my clients. I designed templates for their nutrition journals and we would sit down together to evaluate what was working and what wasn’t to make the next week better than the previous one. It’s important to remember that this is about progress and not perfection. We’re humans! Not robots. Life will present us with obstacles so our nutrition plans have to be realistic in order to be effective. When I became a Naturopathic Doctor, I maintained my focus on nutrition, as it is one of the most imperative foundations for optimal health. I evaluate nutrition intake with every patient that I see, no matter what the health concern or goal is. We make individualized plans that suit those goals as well as their unique nutritional needs. The other thing I’m big on is patient education. We build a collection of tools that will take a lot of the stress out of health nutrition so that you can stay focused, motivated and supported. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it and there is nothing more important than your health. With optimal health, all other things in life are not only possible, but they are easier and more enjoyable.
I’m proud of you for even reading this message. It means there is a voice inside you that says you want to be the best you can be. And you can. And we will help you. Please never give up on your health.
We’re in this together,
Dr. Lauren


Always check with your Naturopathic Doctor before making any major dietary or supplementation changes to make sure they are the safest and most effective choices for you.

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