Are your hormones making you tired?

Our team is  getting to THE ROOT OF FATIGUE. A common cause of fatigue that we see is hormone imbalance or deficiency. Our Naturopathic Doctors use thorough consultations and comprehensive lab testing to determine your hormone levels and make specific, individualized recommendations to help your body return to balance.

Hormones that can cause fatigue when out of their optimal ranges include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, and cortisol.

CORTISOL is a hormone we often test for our patients as it impacts so many of our other hormones, and the symptoms of either over or under – producing this hormone can greatly impact our quality of life. Cortisol has a diurnal production pattern. This means that it should be lowest overnight so that we can have restorative sleep, start to rise at around 6am, and peak at around 8am. This allows us to feel refreshed on waking when we’ve had a proper sleep and energized to start our day. When stress is acutely high, our cortisol production is usually excessive. But when stress is chronic, this depletes our system and cortisol output eventually becomes too low. When this happens we wake feeling unrefreshed and lethargic no matter how much sleep we’ve had. To try to counter it’s deficiency or make up for it, we will then crave caffeine or sugar/carbs for energy. Often people get stuck in this rut as any simulated energy increase by these means will cause a further crash soon after. When cortisol is out of balance, we feel tired, irritable, unable to cope with our stressors, low mood and more.

Are you feeling this way? Let’s get to the root of your fatigue and get you back to feeling your BEST. You deserve it.

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