“Nourished – at The Root”

Our Team knows that nutrition is one of  the foundations for optimal health.  It is important to identify dietary factors that may be contributing to your physical as well as emotional health concerns. We are advocates for using food as medicine and teaching you about all facets of holistic health & nutrition. When necessary, high-quality supplement recommendations (and education) may be provided by our Naturopathic Doctors to safely improve levels while working on the underlying causes of the deficiency or increased need.


Individualized Nutrition Consultations (Virtual)

Whether you are “just wanting to learn how to eat healthier”, want to lose or gain weight, looking to improve your relationship with food, or are experiencing any type of health concern, our Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diane works with you toward your goals.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes can positively impact your life and alleviate many health problems, such as; poor energy, joint/muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, digestive distress and fluctuations in mood, to name a few.  Working with Diane,  you will be given a thorough protocol based on your goals and requirements that will not just give you a list of foods to include and avoid/decrease, but she will design an individualized plan for you that also includes what to eat and how to implement these changes.  She is here to guide you, and to keep you accountable and motivated. 


“Meal Coach – 4 week 1 on 1 program”

Work one on one with our Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diane to create weekly Meal Plans catered to your preferences, goals, and predetermined Naturopathic or Medical recommendations (if applicable). Each week you will sit down together (virtually!) to create your 7-day meal plan  – designed by you, coached by Diane. This service is a 4-week program, it will allow you to make any adjustments needed for the subsequent weeks, keep you accountable while gaining the tools, knowledge, and ideas to build your own meal plans.  

We understand that sometimes the dietary changes a person is required to make can be daunting, causing a lack of compliance & therefore results. This service is intended to take the stress out of figuring out what to eat so you can enjoy your meals, & your healing process.

At The Root, we believe that every time you eat, you are either fighting disease or feeding it.


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition” – Thomas Edison