Herbal Medicine & Dispensary

We are Mississauga’s only full Medicinal Loose-leaf Herbal Dispensary. The use of botanicals tends to normalize physiologic functions, which produces fewer adverse effects than pharmaceuticals. Dr. Lauren prescribes custom herbal tea blends for her patients as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Teas are gentle yet extremely therapeutic when formulated properly.

Our in-house pre-blends “Dr. Lauren’s Teas” include: Daily Detox Tea, Be Calm & Sleep Tea, Digestive Tea, Bright Eyes Tea, Cold & Flu Tea, Menstrual Tea, and Fertili-Tea.

Natural Skin Care Products

We are Mississauga’s only distributer of Jaydancin organic skin care products. These products contain only the highest quality organic natural ingredients and essential oils. All ingredients are safe and purposeful. But just as important, they really work!

I was so happy to hear about Dr. Lauren bringing her practice to Port Credit earlier this year. There are so many times I find myself recommending Dr. Lauren, in speaking with other friends and colleagues about their health and wellness, so having her close-by now is amazing! She has a wonderful bedside manner and takes her time with you during appointments. From the perspective of a female, I also feel like she takes my health concerns as seriously as her own. She’s also open to my feedback – I think it’s important to feel like you’re in a partnership with your health care professional and that they are considering your state of mind or current habits when putting together a plan. She’s warm, honest and friendly – I can’t recommend her enough!