Diana found Massage Therapy to be a solution for her own injuries and aches growing up in sports and physical activities. This experience lead her to fall in love with the practice of massage therapy. She then carried on to learn the art and science of this ancient hands on treatment approach.

As an experienced RMT, Diana’s goal is to help you reach your optimal health goal(s). She knows that for your healing, it’s important that she listen compassionately and work with you at your pace and comfort level. Diana believes that education is as important as the therapy itself so that you are encouraged by your results, and become an active participant in your healing.

Let’s get you started, and experiencing how regular massage therapy can improve your overall health today!

Diana incorporates hot Jade Stones as they are for balance, harmony, and prosperity, In Massage Therapy they are used to support flushing toxins from the body, increasing circulation, and tissue repair.

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