Amanda Mallette, MScPT has a strong belief in empowering her clients to reach their optimal health.

Amanda graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto in 2007. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in exercise physiology.

Amanda is passionate about pelvic health physiotherapy and offers Virtual Pediatric Care (only).



Common concerns include:
-Bedwetting (enuresis)
-Involuntary release of urine while the child is asleep at an age when staying dry at night can be reasonably expected.
-Urge Incontinence: This occurs when a child has a significant urgency to pee and may have leakage as a result.
-Voiding Postponement: This is when a child has a habit of holding their urine.
-Overactive Bladder
-Constipation: infrequent or difficult to pass stool
-Underactive Bladder
-Dysfunctional Voiding: “intermittent stream”
-Stress Incontinence: urinary leakage with activities like jumping,
running, coughing, sneezing and laughing. (increased abdominal pressure).
-Encopresis: also known as fecal incontinence
-Giggle Incontinence
-Bladder Outlet Obstruction
-Pelvic Pain

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